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It is now accepted that tubeless tyres offer much better performance than running inner tubes. There are several reasons for this, you are much less likely to get a pinch-puncture and they are pretty much thorn resistant. Tubeless setups reduce rotating weight and you can run much lower pressures and still keep a relatively good rolling speed. Sounds good? Follow the steps below to setup tubeless with ease.



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Tubeless tyres have become popular due to the obvious associated operational advantages of, amongst others: running lower pressures; puncture resistance; and, overall weight reduction.

However, there is one major downside associated with the use of tubeless, which can outweigh the benefits. The thought of struggling to mount a tyre on the bead with a track pump, or using expensive CO2 cartridges, to inevitably give up (after much cursing and perspiration if you are like me) and take the wheels to a bike shop, an expense that really does add up!

Airshot, gives you the ability to charge an air bottle quite easily using a normal track pump. Then, by simply applying the pump head to the valve on your wheel and releasing the air tap, a fast high volume shot of air is released to instantly mount the tyre onto the bead.

An ideal solution, particularly when away at races stuck in the middle of nowhere (usually in a muddy field!) with no power for a compressor and no bike shop for miles! It really does make it hassle free to swop tyres which are damaged, or to alternate tyre types with changing weather conditions/terrain.