Keywin Pedals


The Keywin Pedal System stands alone as the most technically advanced pedal system ever created.

Our goal is to bring every rider the performance and comfort advantages that come along with improved fit. Keywin pedals have the largest platform area of any pedal brand, and our float mechanism is integrated into the pedal—no more cleat changes to achieve a change in float. A low, 14mm stack height improved efficiency by reducing the distance between the bottom of your foot and the pedal axle.

Each model of Keywin pedal is available in five different axle lengths. Many of our customers choose to work with a local fit expert, who has the ability to order a  pedal, axle length and float configuration—specific for each customer!


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Keywin was born in New Zealand in 1983. It was the brainchild of John Winkie, a compulsive competitor with a sporting career that spans five decades across a range of sports.

Keywin was the first to pioneer the “twist-out release” principle now adopted by virtually all pedal makers. The design was enormously successful. In conjunction with Look, Keywin led the charge toward a wholesale change to "clipless" pedal systems in the late 1980's.

Since then, many other manufacturers have followed the lead but none has managed to duplicate the lightweight, performance and practicality of the Keywin design. 

Qarv Imports, LLC is owned by Kervin Quinones, a bicycle industry veteran.